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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Pascal Diane Violin II Rosamunde    
Pascal Diane Violin I LARK   199u 2001  
Pascal Léon Viola Calvet    
Pascarella Cesare Cello Róth b. 1908 ca. 1953 d. 1993
Pascher Hartmut Viola Franz Schubert (Vienna) b. 1956  
Pascoe Keith Violin II Britten    
Pascoe Keith Violin II Vanbrugh   1998  
Pascoe Mary Violin II Adelaide    
Pascoletti Daniele Violin II La Scala   2015  
Pasquier Bruno Viola Bernède   1963 1970  
Paterson Douglas Viola Hanson    
Patipatanakoon Annalee Violin I YYZ    
Patipatanakoon Annalee Violin II [Unnamed] (SPHB)    
Patrick Rachel Violin II [Unnamed] (SPFP)    
Patterson Anne Cello [Unnamed] (SPFP)    
Patterson Austin Violin II Edinburgh   1965 1975  
Patterson Chauncey Viola Miami   1990  
Patterson Chauncey Viola Fine Arts   2008 2009  
Patterson Kimberly Cello Tesla   2008 2013  
Patterson ext Ronald Violin I Shepherd   1975 1979  
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