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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Öman Per Violin II Stenhammar    
Öman Per Violin II Yggdrasil    
Ondráček-Peterson Emily Violin I Voxare    
Ondruška Dušan Violin II Ostrava b. 1951 1986 1988  
Onnou ext Alphonse Violin I Pro Arte b. 1893 1912 1940 d. 1940
Problems, questions

Désiré Defauw, sometimes listed as a founding member, is said to have founded a different quartet in 1912. (He founded the Allied Quartet in London around 1914.) See Additional references at the bottom of the column to the left.

Additional references

An unsigned short biography of Germain Prévost in the archives of the University of Wisconsin at Madison, probably written in 1943

Photo: At Alphonse Onnou’s grave, April 22, 2012

Ono D
Hisashi D
Viola Morgaŭa b. 1955  
Oppelcz Alfred Violin I Mannheim    
Oppenheimer Graham Viola Schidlof    
Oppermann Jens Violin II Auryn b. 1960 1981 2021  
Oprean Adelina Violin II Aria b. 1955 1997  
Oramo Sakari Violin I Avanti! b. 1965  
Oramo Sakari Violin II [Unnamed] (EOHS)    
Orchard Jennifer Violin I/II Clarion    
Orchard Jennifer Violin II LARK   1993 2001  
Orendain Ralph Violin I Sarastro    
Orenstein Janet Violin II Reynolda   2019  
Oriold Joseph Cello McGill   1939 1942  
Orlando Silvio Violin I Pro Arte (Zagreb)    
Ormai Gábor Viola Takács b. 1954 1975 1995 d. 1995
Országh Tivadar Viola Waldbauer-Kerpely b. 1901 d. 1963