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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Petre Thomas Violin II London b. 1879 ca. 1908 1914? d. 1942
Petre Thomas Violin II London b. 1879 ca. 1919 1935 d. 1942
Petri ext Henri Violin I Gewandhaus b. 1856 1882 1884 d. 1914

Alternated with Engelbert Röntgen, 1882–84

Petri Henri Violin I Gewandhaus b. 1856 1884 1889 d. 1914
Petrikis Tomas Viola Art Vio    
Petrov Rodion Violin II David Oistrakh    
Petrova D
Roumi D
Viola Forte    
Pettys Delmar Violin II Lenox [1957]    
Pfaender Matthias Cello Suske    
Pfeiffer Petr Cello Academy of Performing Arts (Prague)    
Pfeiffer Sabine Cello Nomos    
Pfiz Konstantin Cello Engegård   2011 2012  
Phelps Melissa Cello Camilli    
Philips Davor Violin II Zagreb b. 1977 2001  
Philips Hrvoje Viola Zagreb b. 1977 2005  
Phillips Bert Cello Philarte    
Phillips Daniel Violin I/II Orion    
Phillips John Violin II Fitzwilliam b. 1950 1968 1974  
Phillips Todd Violin I/II Orion    
Phòng ext Siêu Mạnh Violin I Rangzen    
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