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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Parent Annie Viola Claudel-Canimex   1995  
Parisot Aldo Cello New Music b. 1918 d. 2018
Parisot Aldo Cello Yale b. 1918 d. 2018
Parisot Tanguy Viola Arod   2018  
Park Alyssa Violin I Lyris    
Park Audrey Violin II RTÉ    
Park Audrey Violin I Testore [19uu]    
Park Tricia Violin I Maia    
Párkányi István Violin I Orlando   1976  
Párkányi István Violin I Párkányi   1998  
Párkányi Tibor Cello New Budapest    
Parke Nathaniel Cello Boston Composers    
Parker Andrew Viola Bălănescu    
Parker Marston Violin I [Unnamed] (PMTC)    
Parker Patterson Cello Wessely b. 1871 1901 ca. 1916 ca. d. 1930
Parkins Sarah Violin II Angeles   1998? 2001  
Parlow Kathleen Violin I Parlow b. 1890 1941 1958 d. 1963
Parnas Richard Viola American University    
Parnas Richard Viola Lywen    
Parpinelli Santino Violin I Rio de Janeiro National University School of Music