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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Patipatanakoon Annalee Violin I YYZ    
Patipatanakoon Annalee Violin II [Unnamed] (SPHB)    
Patrick Rachel Violin II [Unnamed] (SPFP)    
Patterson Anne Cello [Unnamed] (SPFP)    
Patterson Austin Violin II Edinburgh   1965 1975  
Patterson Chauncey Viola Miami   1990  
Patterson Chauncey Viola Fine Arts   2008 2009  
Patterson Kimberly Cello Tesla   2008 2013  
Patterson ext Ronald Violin I Shepherd   1975 1979  
Additional references

Communication from Ronald Patterson, 2011-11-04

Patterson Roxanna Viola Alder    
Patterson William Violin II New World [1977]   1977  
Paturskis Konstantīns Violin II ReDo b. 1989 2009  
Paukštienė Vaida Violin II Chordos    
Paulauskas ext Eugenijus Violin I Lithuanian State Philharmonic b. 1927 1947 1978  
Additional references

Septynios meno dienos [2011-01-26]

Paulauskas Eugenijus Violin I Lithuanian State Philharmonic b. 1927 1981 1996  
Paulich Zoltán Cello Verdi [1985]    
Paulsson Fredrik Violin I Yggdrasil    
Paulu Norman Violin I Pro Arte   1967 1995  
Pavlašević Dragoljub Viola [Unnamed] (HAPC)    
Pavlova D
Aleksandra D
Cello Tver' Philharmonic