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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Paoletti Guillaume Cello Arpeggione b. 1968 2001 2002  
Papa Filip Cello Ad libitum    
Papach Maiya Viola iO   2006 2007  
Papp Sándor Viola Éder    
Papp Sándor Viola Mikrokosmos    
Papyan D
Yakov D
Viola Komitas   1976 1990  
Parent Annie Viola Claudel-Canimex   1995  
Parisot Aldo Cello New Music b. 1918 d. 2018
Parisot Aldo Cello Yale b. 1918 d. 2018
Parisot Tanguy Viola Arod   2018  
Park Alyssa Violin I Lyris    
Park Audrey Violin II RTÉ    
Park Audrey Violin I Testore [19uu]    
Park Tricia Violin I Maia    
Párkányi István Violin I Orlando   1976  
Párkányi István Violin I Párkányi   1998  
Párkányi Tibor Cello New Budapest    
Parke Nathaniel Cello Boston Composers    
Parker Andrew Viola Bălănescu    
Parker Marston Violin I [Unnamed] (PMTC)