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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Hess Theodor Violin II Fitzner    
Hesse Guillaume Cello Oslo Philharmonic Society    
Hesse Karl Cello California [1946 ca.]    
Hesselbein Martin Cello Gong    
Hetherington David Cello Accordes    
Hetherington Vollmer Violin I Summer Session   1950  
Heyde Edgar Violin II Gewandhaus b. 1883 1902 1904 d. 19uu
Heyde Neil Cello Kreutzer    
Hidy Márta Violin I Márta Hidy b. 1927 1950 1952? d. 2010
Hiew Francesca Violin II [Unnamed] (HHSD)    
Higashi Tamaki Violin I Degas   1999 2007?  
Higashi Tamaki Violin II Villiers   2011  
Higham Gwendolen Violin II Marie Wilson    
Highbaugh Aloni Pamela Cello Lafayette   1985 2023  
Hilf Arno Violin I Gewandhaus b. 1858 1889 1891 d. 1909
Hill ext Cameron Violin I Hamer    
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Hill John Cello Lexington    
Hillyer Raphael Viola Juilliard b. 1914 1946 1969 d. 2010
Hilyard Teri Violin I [Unnamed] (HCDC)    
Hindar Johannes Viola Hindar b. 1917 1944 1980 d. 1999