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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Heitmann Anke Viola [Unnamed] (NHHF)    
Hejl Karel Violin II Brno   1969  
Hejný Petr Cello Stamic b. 1956 2007  
Hekster Jo D
Violin I Hekster b. 1907 1953 1972 d. 1978
Helasvuo Susanne Violin II Avanti!    
Hellsing Lennart Violin I [Unnamed] (HAPC)    
Helmer Terence Viola Orford b. 1940 1965 1986  
Hemming Dorothy Violin II Birmingham Ladies’    
Hemming Dorothy Viola Element    
Henbest Caroline Viola Mistry    
Hendriks Paul Violin II Gaudeamus    
Henkins François Violin II Kontras   2009  
Hennessy William Violin I Melbourne    
Hennessy William Violin I [Unnamed] (HHSD)    
Hennessy William Violin I Australian   1985 1996  
Henschel Christoph Violin I Henschel   1989  
Henschel Markus Violin II Henschel   1989  
Henschel-Schwind Monika Viola Henschel   1989  
Henson Julie Fox Violin I Montclaire   1982 1992  
Hentschel Wolfram Cello Benthien