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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Harrison Clifton Viola Kreutzer    
Harrison John Violin I Montclaire   1992  
Harrison Stephen Cello Ives    
Harrison Stephen Cello Stanford [1984]    
Harrop Joe Violin I Montague   2001  
Harsányi Miklós Viola Róth    
Hart Sarah Violin II Mosaic    
Härtel Wolfgang Cello Steude b. 1975  
Harth Sidney Violin I Woodstock    
Hartley Jacqueline Violin II [Unnamed] (AHBJ)    
Hartman Austin Violin I Biava    
Hartman Austin Violin II Pacifica   2017  
Hartmann Beate Violin II Klenke   1991  
Hartog Jacques Violin II Dékány    
Harvey Keith Cello Gabrieli b. 1938 1966?  
Háša Jaroslav Cello Czechoslovak    
Haša Josef Cello [Unnamed] (BHBH)    
Hasbirk Stine Viola Kroger b. 1975  
Hasbirk Stine Viola Zapolski    
Hasluck Phyllis Cello Marie Wilson