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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Hermann Claudius Cello Amati [1981] b. 1967  
Hermann Claudius Cello Gringol'ts b. 1967 2011  
Hermann Friedrich Viola Gewandhaus b. 1828 1846 1874 d. 1907
Hermant Margaret Violin I/II In Praise of Folly    
Hernández Jorge Viola Havana    
Hernández Juan-Miguel Viola Harlem b. 1985 2006 2012  
Hernández ext Juan-Miguel Viola Fine Arts b. 1985 2013 2018  

He went on tours as the quartet’s violist in 2013–14 and joined as a member in 2014.

Hernández-Luch ext Bryan Violin I/II Catalyst   2010 2012  
Problems, questions

Position to be determined

Herold Jiří Viola Czech    
Herret Roland Violin II Adamas b. 1983 2013  
Herrmann Carl Viola Gewandhaus b. 1876 1904 1941 d. 19uu
Hersenhoren Samuel Violin II Parlow b. 1908 1941 1951 d. 1982
Hersh Paul Viola Lenox [1957]    
Hersh Ralph Violin II Philharmonic-Symphony Society (New York)    
Hersh Ralph Viola Phoenix    
Hersh ext Ralph Violin II Kreiner b. 1910 1934 1935 d. 1985
Additional references

Alan Shulman collection, New York Public Library

Hersh Ralph Viola Stuyvesant b. 1910 1943 1954 d. 1985
Hersh Stefan Violin II Chicago   1995 2000  
Hess Jürgen Violin II Delmé   1962 19uu  
Hess Theodor Violin II Fitzner