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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Harding John Violin I Tall Poppies    
Harding John Violin I Sydney   1981  
Hardt Daniel Violin II [Unnamed] (LHDB)    
Hargitai Géza Violin II Bartók   1985  
Harlow Leslie Viola [Unnamed] (BTHB)    
Harman Jeremy Cello Sirius    
Harms Henning Cello Marselis    
Harms Kirsten Violin I Sonar    
Harp Daniel Cello Charleston   1983  
Harpham Virginia Violin II Lywen    
Harriel Otis Violin I/II Friction    
Harrington David Violin I Kronos b. 1949 1973  
Harris Conrad Violin II Flux    
Harris Rosemary Violin II Dominion    
Harris Sophie Cello Duke    
Harrison Clifton Viola Kreutzer    
Harrison John Violin I Montclaire   1992  
Harrison Stephen Cello Ives    
Harrison Stephen Cello Stanford [1984]    
Harrop Joe Violin I Montague   2001