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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Handl Max Viola Mildner    
Handl Max Viola Rosé   1930 1934 ca.  
Händschke Fritz Viola European    
Händschke Fritz Viola [Unnamed] (BTHR)    
Handy Lionel Cello Hanson    
Hanfling William Violin II Jade [2003]    
Hanish Tara Cello [Unnamed] (CBBH)    
Hankey Tom Violin II Callino    
Hankey Tom Violin I Tavec    
Hankey ext Tom Violin II Edinburgh   2017  

Also played 1st violin, with several 2nd violinists.

Hannisdal Henrik Violin I Cikada    
Hannisdal Morten Cello Cikada    
Hannisdal Odd Violin II Cikada    
Hansen Jarl Cello Koppel   1949  
Hansen Leo Violin I Leo Hansen b. 1911 1943  
Hansen Mads Haugsted Violin II Nordic    
Hansen Ørnulf Boye Violin I Norwegian [194u]    
Hanson ext H Violin II Stockholm [1976]   1976  
Problems, questions

Is this Holger Hanson (b. 1917)?

Hanson Holger Viola Ivan Ericson b. 1917  
Hanson Holger Viola Saulesco b. 1917 1976 ca. ? d. 2009