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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Maxwell Marianne Cello Lehmann    
Mayerhold Otto Viola Haydn    
Mayforth Robin Violin II LARK   1985 1993  
Mayorov D
Alexander D
Violin I Musica viva (Russia)    
Mazurek Maciej Cello Wieniawski    
Mazzacane Alessandro Cello Mitja    
Mazzocchi Luigi Violin I Dalí   2008 2012  
McAlhany ext Nancy Violin I Crescent    
Problems, questions

Violin position to be confirmed

McAslan Lorraine Violin I Maggini   2006 2008  
McCabe Ciaran Violin II Maggini   2017  
McCaffrey Peter Cello Da Kappo    
McCall Donald Cello Lenox [1957]   1957  
McCapra Fiona Violin I McCapra    
McCarty Patricia Viola Lenox [1957]    
McCausland Geoff Violin II Silver Birch   2008? 2014  
McClelland Michael Viola Florida    
McConnell Pamela Viola Bergonzi   1992  
McCormack Gina Violin I Sorrel   1995? 2008?  
McCormack Gina Violin I Maggini   2008 2010  
McCracken Charles Cello Beaux Arts b. 1926 d. 1997