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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Stanzeleit Susanne Violin I Maggini   2010 2013  
Stanzeleit Suzanne Violin I Edinburgh   1999 2002  
Stark Alexander Violin II H. Gertler    
Starker János Cello Róth b. 1924 d. 2013
Statkus Arūnas Viola Lithuanian State Philharmonic   1981 1996  
Steen Helga Viola Hansa    
Steen Mette D
Mette Elisabeth
Violin II Norwegian [194u]    
Steeves Sarah Cello Ton Beau   2010  
Stegmann Betina Violin I City of São Paulo    
Stein Dean Violin II DaPonte   1996  
Stein Dean Violin I Portland b. 1960 2013  
Stein Edmund Violin II Thouvenel    
Stein Peter Violin II Verdi [1985]    
Stein Amado Carol Violin I Amado b. 1935 d. 1997
Steinbauer Edith Violin I Steinbauer    
Steinberg Mark Violin I Brentano    
Steinberg Zeev Viola New Israel    
Steinbock Evalyn Cello Vieuxtemps b. 1932 d. 2018
Steiner Adolf Cello Havemann    
Steiner D. Violin I [Unnamed] (SHCE)