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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Solberg Cush Cello [Unnamed] (CSSS)    
Soler [Unknown] Viola [Unnamed] (BNSA)    
Solodchin Galina Violin II Delmé   1967 1976  
Solodchin Galina Violin I Delmé   1976  
Solomon Stanley Viola Modern Art (Canada) b. 1917 d. 2015
Solomon Stanley Viola Parlow b. 1917 1946 1958  
Solomonow Rami Viola DePaul    
Solomonow Rami Viola Chicago   1995 2004  
Solovëv D
Vissarion D
Viola Taneev   1946  
Solway ext Maurice Violin I Solway b. 1906 1947 d. 2001
Additional references

Archeion [2012-08-28]

Somodari Péter Cello Amar [1987]    
Somodari Péter Cello Keller b. 1977 2002  
Somogyi Péter Violin I Somogyi   1997  
Són Harry Cello Budapest b. 1880 1917 1930? d. 1940 ca.
Son Mi-Ae Violin II Isang Yun Ensemble (Pyongyang)    
Sonnaert Marc Viola Rubio    
Sonstad Øystein Cello Oslo   1991  
Soper Gutiérrez Margaret Violin II Maia   2003  
Sopkin George Cello Fine Arts b. 1914 1939 1942 d. 2008
Sopkin George Cello Pro Arte b. 1914 1942 1943 d. 2008