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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Summers Timothy Violin II Orpheus    
Sun Woo Patricia Violin II Whitman   1997 2002  
Sūna Indulis Violin I Rīga b. 1950  
Sunahara Aki Violin I Berganza    
Sundkvist Thomas Viola Lysell [1986]    
Sundling Wille Violin II Crafoord b. 1938 1969  
Sundqvist Riikka Violin II Houdini    
Sung Ah-young Viola Alianza   2004 2008  
Supplee Julie Violin I Meridian    
Supponen Ville Violin I Arkadia    
Sushel Robert Violin II American Art    
Sushel Robert Violin II [Unnamed] (WSFS)    
Suske Conrad Violin II Gewandhaus b. 1958 1989 2018  
Suske Karl Violin II Gewandhaus b. 1934 1955 1962  
Suske Karl Violin I Suske b. 1934 1965?  
Suske Karl Violin I Gewandhaus b. 1934 1977 1993  
Suss Mari-Katrina Violin II Prezioso    
Süssmuth Gernot Violin II Petersen    
Suter Barbara Violin II Amati [1981]    
Sutor Katherine Cello [Unnamed] (KAAS)   1993 ca.