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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Šroubek Karel Violin I Prague [1920]   1954 1966  
Srp Stanislav Violin I Dvořák    
Šrubař Rudolf Viola Ostrava b. 1925 1953 1988 d. 2009
St. John Scott Violin I [Unnamed] (SPHB)    
St. John Scott Violin I/II St. Lawrence b. 1969 2006 2013  
Stadler Frank Violin I Stadler    
Stadlmair Vincent Cello Franz Schubert (Vienna) b. 1959  
Stadtherr Karel Violin II Vlach (Prague)    
Staemmler Johanna Violin II Armida b. 1987 2006  
Staemmler Peter-Philipp Cello Armida b. 1986 2006  
Stahl Dorothy Treml Cello American University b. 1915 ca. d. 2004
Stahl Dorothy Treml Cello Lywen    
Stalberg Kenneth Viola Florida    
Stalker Stephen Cello Madison    
Stanchev D
Ognyan D
Viola [Unnamed] (TMSB)    
Stanciu Constantin Viola Voces    
Stanese Liviu Viola Via nova b. 1948  
Stanese Liviu Viola Enesco b. 1948 1981 1989  
Stang D
Aleksandr D
Violin II Taneev   1983 2007  
Stanić D
Aleksandra D
Viola Mixed