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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Shiu Timothy Violin II Maia   2003  
Shklarov Sonia Violin I [Unnamed] (SLTJ)    
Shkuro D
L. D
Viola Moscow Philharmonic    
Sholokhova Valeriya Cello [Unnamed] (SJGS)    
Shukaev D
Leonid D
Cello St. Petersburg   1985  
Shulman Alan Cello Kreiner b. 1915 1934 1938 d. 2002
Shulman Alan Cello Stuyvesant b. 1915 1938 1954 d. 2002
Shulman Andrew Cello Britten    
Shulman Andrew Cello New Hollywood    
Shulman Sylvan Violin I Kreiner b. 1912 1934 1938 d. 1985
Shulman Sylvan Violin I Stuyvesant b. 1912 1938 1954 d. 1985
Shuman Mark Cello Composers    
Shure Paul Violin I Los Angeles    
Shure Paul Violin II Hollywood b. 1921 1939 1958 d. 2011
Shutko D
Ostap D
Violin I Ukrainian b. 1976  
Sibelius Christian Cello [Unnamed] (CTSS) b. 1869 d. 1922
Sibelius Jean Viola [Unnamed] (CTSS) b. 1865 d. 1957
Sichermann Erich Viola Benthien    
Sicotte Lucien Violin I Montréal [1934] b. 1902 1934 1937 ca. d. 1943
Sicotte Lucien Violin I Montréal [1934] b. 1902 1938 1940 d. 1943