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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Smigelskiy D
Serafim D
Cello Tesla b. 1985 2014  
Smiles Julian Cello Goldner    
Smiley Mariko Violin II Aurora [1979]    
Smirnoff Joel Violin I [Unnamed] (SEMM) b. 1950  
Smirnoff Joel Violin II Juilliard b. 1950 1986 1997  
Smirnoff Joel Violin I Juilliard b. 1950 1997 2009  
Smirnoff Zelly Violin II Stuyvesant   1938 1939 d. 1955
Smirnov D
Evgeniy D
Violin I Moscow Chamber Orchestra    
Smith Alan Cello Bowling Green    
Smith David Cello Alberni    
Smith Emma Violin I Elysian    
Smith George Violin II Maxwell    
Smith Grace Violin II Northampton    
Smith Lloyd Cello Wister b. 1941 1987  
Smith Ursula Cello Zehetmair    
Smith Wilhelmina Cello [Unnamed] (KKHS)    
Smith Wilma Violin I Lydian b. 1956 1980 1987  
Smith Wilma Violin I New Zealand b. 1956 1987 1992  
Smith Wilma Violin II Flinders b. 1956 2019  
Smola Oldřich Viola Academy of Performing Arts (Prague)