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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Schwartz David Viola Yale b. 1916 d. 2013
Schwartz ext David Viola Walden b. 1916 1938 1941 d. 2013
Additional references

In programs from 1938 to 1940 and newspaper columns up to 1941

Schwartz Josef Viola [Unnamed] (HSSH1)    
Schwarz Timothy Violin II Serafin    
Schwarze Claudia Cello Ensemble Charles Koechlin    
Schwarzl Claudia Violin I Adamas b. 1985 2003  
Schween Astrid Cello LARK b. 1964 1989 2009  
Schween Astrid Cello Juilliard b. 1964 2016  
Schweitzer Ray Cello Kohon    
Schweyda Willibald Violin I Prague [1920]   1933 1941  
Schwiller Isidore Violin I Schwiller b. 1878 ca. d. 1956
Schwiller ext Jean Cello Schwiller    
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Sciannameo Franco Violin I Nuova musica    
Scobie Colin Violin I Maxwell    
Scobie Colin Violin II Fitzwilliam b. 1991 2011 2012?  
Scott Charlotte Violin I Piatti   2013  
Scott Monica Cello Del Sol    
Scott Robin Violin I Ying   201u  
Scotts Donald Violin II Melbourne    
Scotts Donald Violin II Queensland State   1949 1952