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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Stankov D
Angel D
Violin I Sofia    
Stanzeleit Susanne Violin I Maggini   2010 2013  
Stanzeleit Suzanne Violin I Edinburgh   1999 2002  
Starker János Cello Róth b. 1924 d. 2013
Statkus Arūnas Viola Lithuanian State Philharmonic   1981 1996  
Steen Helga Viola Hansa    
Steen Mette D
Mette Elisabeth
Violin II Norwegian [194u]    
Steeves Sarah Cello Ton Beau   2010  
Stegmann Betina Violin I City of São Paulo    
Stein Dean Violin II DaPonte   1996  
Stein Dean Violin I Portland b. 1960 2013  
Stein Edmund Violin II Thouvenel    
Stein Peter Violin II Verdi [1985]    
Stein Amado Carol Violin I Amado b. 1935 d. 1997
Steinbauer Edith Violin I Steinbauer    
Steinberg Mark Violin I Brentano    
Steinbock Evalyn Cello Vieuxtemps b. 1932 d. 2018
Steiner Adolf Cello Havemann    
Steiner D. Violin I [Unnamed] (SHCE)    
Steiner Fritz Viola Bastiaan