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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Scharf Steve Violin II Armadillo    
Schatzman Lisa Violin I Psophos b. 1981  
Schatzman Pablo Violin I Incidental Music    
Schaufele Laurence Viola Odin    
Schaum Anna Viola Third Angle New Music Ensemble    
Schauss Willy Violin II Gewandhaus b. 1892 1937 1941 d. 19uu
Scheindlin Dov Viola Chester b. 1970  
Scheindlin Dov Viola Penderecki b. 1970 1995 1997  
Scheindlin Dov Viola Arditti b. 1970 1997 2002  
Scheirich Lillian Violin I Detroit-Windsor Chamber Ensemble    
Scheitzbach Hans-Joachim Cello Berlin Comic Opera    
Schellnegger Simon Viola Acies    
Schepers Théo Cello Gong   2011?  
Schepps David Cello Fairmont    
Schessl Franz Viola Koeckert   1975  
Schessl Franz Viola Joachim Koeckert   1982  
Schidlof Peter Violin II Hurwitz    
Schidlof Peter Viola Amadeus b. 1922 1947 1987 d. 1987
Schiffer Ervin Viola Dékány b. 1932 1960 d. 2014
Schiffer György Cello Dékány b. 1933 1960