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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Sebastian Michael Cello Florida    
Segal Rosalie Cello [Unnamed] (LGSS)    
Segar Andrea Violin I Lydian   2016  
Segerstam Hannele Violin II Segerstam b. 1943 d. 2024
Segerstam Hannele Violin I [Unnamed] (SVSS) b. 1943  
Segerstam Leif Violin I Finlandia b. 1944  
Segerstam Leif Violin I Segerstam b. 1944  
Segerstam Leif Violin I [Unnamed] (SGKB) b. 1944  
Segerstam Leif Viola [Unnamed] (SVSS) b. 1944  
Segerstam Pia Cello [Unnamed] (SVSS)    
Segev Inbal Cello Lumina    
Segnitz Eric Violin II Kepler   2002  
Sehnoutka Miroslav Viola Panocha   197u?  
Seiber ext Mátyás Cello Lenzewski b. 1905 1930 1933 d. 1960
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Liszt Academy

Seidel Andreas Violin I Leipzig   1988 2008  
Seidelis Levas Cello Lithuanian State Philharmonic   1945 1949  
Seiler Mayumi Violin II Gould   1992 1993  
Seirá D
Chará D
Viola New Hellenic b. 1970 2001 2007  
Sekreve Henk Cello Hekster b. 1932 1961  
Selcer ext Ben Viola Walden b. 1913 1937 1938 d. 1996
Additional references

In programs from 1937–38; probably played in a concert in late 1942