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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Steiner Fritz Viola Bastiaan    
Steiner George Violin I American University    
Steiner Peter Cello Bastiaan    
Steiner Richard Viola Gewandhaus b. 1897 1948 1949 d. 1982
Steinhardt Arnold Violin I Guarneri b. 1937 1964 2009  
Stenberg Kate Violin I Del Sol    
Stenz Wim Violin I [Unnamed] (SETL)    
Stepanov D
Vasily D
Cello [Unnamed] (ZGFS) b. 1994  
Stepansky Joseph Violin II Westwood    
Stepansky Joseph Violin II Fine Arts b. 1916 1946 1954 d. 1984
Stepansky Joseph Violin II Hollywood b. 1916 1958? 1961 d. 1984
Stepiņa D
Agne Cello Latvian Philharmonic b. 1955  
Stepiņa Agne Cello [Unnamed] (GRKS)    
Stepiņa D
Agne Cello Rīga b. 1955 1993  
Stepner Daniel Violin I New Boston    
Stepner Daniel Violin I Lydian   1987 2016  
Stern Holly Violin II Esterházy    
Stern Kay Violin I LARK   1985 1988  
Stern Mitchell Violin I American    
Sterniak Manuel Viola Bessler