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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Steude Volkhard Violin I Steude b. 1971  
Stevens Cyrus Violin I Wellesley Composers Conference    
Stewart Brenda Viola Bingham    
Stewart Jean Viola Menges    
Stewart Lisa Violin I Acacia Ensemble    
Steymans Miriam Violin I/II Gelber Klang    
Stiehler Helmar Cello Koeckert   1976  
Stiehler Helmar Cello Joachim Koeckert   1982  
Stiehler Kurt Violin I Gewandhaus b. 1910 1941 1945 d. 1981
Stiehler Kurt Violin I Gewandhaus b. 1910 1952 1955 d. 1981
Stinson Caroline Cello Cassatt    
Stinson Caroline Cello LARK b. 1975 2009 2019  
Stitzinger Hannah Violin I [Unnamed] (SPFP)    
Stobbe Joel Cello Borealis   2000 2005  
Stobbe Karl Violin II [Unnamed] (HSSH2)    
Stobbe Karl Violin II [Unnamed] (HSSM)    
Stockley Paige Cello St. Helens   2004  
Stoeber Emmeran Cello Lenox [192u?]    
Stojanović Josip Cello Zagreb b. 1937 1967 1991 d. 1991
Stokes John Cello Bretón