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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Menze Yaacov Cello New Israel    
Menzies ext Mark Violin II Formalist    

Also plays viola.

Menzies Mark Viola New Century Players    
Menzler Helmut Cello Pellegrini    
Mercer Rachel Cello [Unnamed] (SGBM)    
Mercer Rachel Cello Aviv   2002 2010  
Mercero Andoni Viola Casals   1997  
Mereuţă Şerban Violin II Ad libitum    
Měrka Ivan Cello Ostrava b. 1926 1953 1988  
Merkel Clemens Violin I/II Bozzini b. 1968 1999  
Meroño Pedro Viola National Chamber Music Association    
Merz Josef Cello Koeckert b. 1911 1939 1976  
Meshberg Asya Violin I Lumina    
Messenger Mark Violin II Bingham    
Messenger Mark Violin II Bochmann    
Messens Rigo Cello Gaggini   1989  
Messiereur ext Petr Violin I Talich b. 1937 1972 1997  
Additional references

Academy of Performing Arts in Prague [2011-02-03]

Mészáros Susie Violin I Fitzwilliam   1991 1995  
Mészáros Susie Viola Chilingirian   2003?  
Metcalfe John Viola Duke