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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Bowes Thomas Violin I Maggini   1988 1992  
Bowie Michael Viola University of Alberta b. 1933 1969  
Bowling Tom Viola [Unnamed] (CBBH)    
Boychuk Brian Violin II Csaba    
Boyd Aaron Violin I Zukofsky    
Boyd Aaron Violin II Escher   2012  
Boyd Nathaniel Cello Navarra   2002  
Boyle Annie Chalex Violin II Harrington   2006  
Boyle Caitlin Viola Cecilia   2006 2015  
Boyle Caitlin Viola Cecilia   2015 2018  
Bozzini Isabelle Cello Bozzini b. 1969 1999  
Bozzini Stéphanie Viola Bozzini b. 1974 1999  
Bracher Stefan Cello Sarastro b. 1962 d. 2012
Bradford Jean Violin I [Unnamed] (BTHB)    
Bradford Larry Viola Audubon b. 1947 1974 1975 d. 2001
Bradley ext Sarah-Jane Viola Sorrel   1999 2005  
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Brady Janet Violin II Audubon b. 1949 1974 1979 d. 2000
Bragg Gordon Violin II Edinburgh   2013 2017  
Bragin Claudia Violin II Music at the Crossroads    
Brainin Norbert Violin I Amadeus b. 1923 1947 1987 d. 2005