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Composers & compositions

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Duration in minutes: A 0–10 B 10–20 C 20–30 D 30–50 E 50–80 F 80–130 G 130+
Family name Given name Life dates Residence Began Notes  
Rival U Robert b. 1975
Canada 1975
  M R
Robb ext John Donald 1892–1989
USA 1892
  M R
Additional references

Rocky Mountain Online Archive [2015-04-28]; communication from University of New Mexico John Donald Robb Musical Trust, 2014-04-28, 2015-04-28 (abbreviated below as UNM Robb Musical Trust)

Robertson ext Leroy 1896–1971
USA 1896
  M R
Additional references

Northwest Digital Archives [2014-06-30]

Rochberg ext George 1918–2005
USA 1918
  M P R
Additional references

Dixon, J. 1992

Rodes Sixto Manuel Herrero b. 1965
Spain 1965
  M P R
Roger-Ducasse A
Jean A
France 1873
  M P R
Rogers Bernard 1893–1968
USA 1893
Röntgen U ext Julius 1855–1932
Germany 1855
Netherlands 1877

Röntgen did not number his quartets.

Problems, questions

The Julius Röntgen website [2012-06-24] says that he settled in the Netherlands in 1878.

Additional references

Röntgen 1998

Ropartz Guy A
France 1864
  M R
Rorem U Ned b. 1923
USA 1923
Morocco 1949
France 1952
USA 1958
  M P R
Rosé ext Alfred 1902–1975
Austria 1902
Germany 19uu
Austria 19uu
USA 1938
Canada 1948
Additional references

Mahler-Rosé Collection, Western University (Ontario, Canada)

Rosen Jerome 1921–2011
USA 1921
France 1949
USA 1950
  M P R
Rosenberg U Hilding 1892–1985
Sweden 1892
Germany 1920
Sweden 1921
  M P R
Rosenhaus Steven       M R
Roslavets A
Nikolay A
Russian Empire 1881
  M R
Rosner U Arnold 1945–2013
USA 1945
  M R
Rosser Peter 1970–2014
England 1970
Northern Ireland 1990
  M P
Rothman ext Daniel b. 1958
USA 1958
France 1989
USA 1991
  M P
Additional references

Communication from the composer, 2011-04-12

Rouse U Christopher 1949–2019
USA 1949
  M P R
Roussel ext Albert 1869–1937
France 1869
Problems, questions

Further residences to be determined