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Compositions by Horațiu Rădulescu

6 compositions
Composition M Catalog Comp'd Duration Publisher Notes  
Introito, ricercare, suonare

Quartet No. 1

Op. 4 1968 B  
Vies pour les cieux interrompus

Quartet No. 2

Lives for interrupted heavens

Op. 6 1971 B  
I H I 19-IV

Quartet No. 3

Op. 19.4 1972 E

More simply, this would be Op. 19b

infinite to be cannot be infinite, infinite anti-be could be infinite

Quartet No. 4

Op. 33 1987 D  
Includes: 8 more string quartets (may be prerecorded), constituting “an imaginary 128-string viola da gamba”
Commissioned by:

Ministry of Culture; La Rochelle Festival

practicing eternity

Quartet No. 6

Op. 91 1992 B  
before the universe was born

Quartet No. 5

Op. 89 1995 C  
Additional references:

Asasello Quartet [2013-07-04]