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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Benedetti René Cello Parrenin    
Benedetti René Cello Via nova    
Benesch Senta Cello Steinbauer    
Bengtsson Erling Blöndal Cello Erling Bloch b. 1932 1958 d. 2013
Bengtsson Mats Viola [Unnamed] (PÅBL)    
Benjamin Mira Violin I/II Bozzini   2011 2013  
Benjamin Ingraham Jeanne Violin I Contemporary    
Benthien Ulrich Violin I Benthien b. 1923 d. 2007
Bentley Lionel Violin I Amici    
Bentley Lionel Violin II Blech    
Bentley Lionel Violin II New London    
Bentz D
Beatrice Violin I Bentz b. 1895 1925 ca. d. 1976
Benyács Zoltán Viola Raphael    
Bequary ext Cassandra Violin I/II Friction   2011 2012  
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Berán Gábor Violin II Auer [1990]    
Bérard Marie Violin II ARC Ensemble    
Berber Felix Violin I Gewandhaus b. 1871 1899 1903 d. 1930
Berchtold Minni Viola Basel Chamber Orchestra    
Berdahl Andrew Viola Manhattan [1968]   1968 1976  
Berendse Alicia Violin II Behn