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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
James Roger Violin II Dakota    
Janiczek Alexander Violin I/II Swiss Chamber Concerts    
Jannone René Viola Provence    
Jánošík Juraj Cello Košice    
Janosik Piotr Cello Silesian   1985  
Jansen Pieter Violin II Tana   2014 2015  
Jansonius ext Johannes Violin II Molinari   1998 2007  
Additional references

The Beethoven Project [2011-04-08]

Janss Andrew Cello [Unnamed] (SLHJ)    
Janss Andrew Cello Escher   2005 2010  
Janzer Georges Viola Végh b. 1914 1940 1978 d. 1989
Jara Justyna Violin II [Unnamed] (AJNW)    
Jara Justyna Violin II [Unnamed] (SJGS)    
Jarke Kathe Cello Shanghai    
Jaropud Taras Violin II Collegium    
Jarůšek Peter Cello Pavel Haas b. 1976 2002  
Jarůšková Veronika Violin I Pavel Haas   2002  
Järvi Andrus Viola Tallinn    
Järvi Teet Cello Tallinn b. 1958  
Jasonpalo Jyrki Violin II Sinfonia Lahti Chamber Ensemble    
Jauģiete Madara Violin I ReDo b. 1987 2006