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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Dunham James Viola Sequoia    
Dunham James Viola Cleveland   1987 1995  
Dupouy Jean Viola Composers    
Dupouy Jean Viola New York [19uu]    
Dupuy Manuelle Violin II Margand    
Durbecq Alain Cello Carlos Chávez    
Durholm ext Mogens Violin II Copenhagen [1957]   1974 1994  
Additional references

Jarman 2002

Dusinberre Edward Violin I Takács b. 1968 1993  
Dussart Patrick Viola Arpeggione    
Dussart Patrick Viola Incidental Music    
Dutt Hank Viola Kronos b. 1952 1977  
Dutton Lawrence Viola Emerson b. 1954 1977  
Duven Richard Cello Scharoun Ensemble (Berlin)   1986  
Duwe Stefan Viola Acacia Ensemble    
Duź Ryszard Viola Wilanów   1977  
Dvonch Frederick Violin I [Unnamed] (DKNN)    
Dvonch Frederick Violin II Kreiner   1934 1934  
Dvořák Jakub Cello Czech Philharmonic   2000  
Dyachkov D
Yegor D
Cello Arthur LeBlanc    
Dyke Spencer Violin I Spencer Dyke b. 1880? d. 1946