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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Detrick Matthew Violin I/II Apollo Chamber Players    
Deviatov Boris Viola Long Island    
Deviatov Boris Viola Lumina    
Devich János Cello Kodály    
Devich Sándor Violin II Bartók   1957  
DeVore Jennifer Cello Lumina    
DeVore Jennifer Cello Sirius    
Devos Peter Cello Rubio    
Devroye Anthony Viola Avalon    
Dewaele Jean-Claude Viola Loewenguth b. 1942  
Dewaele Jean-Claude Viola Parrenin    
Dewar George Cello DaVinci    
Dexter John Viola Madison    
Dexter John Viola Manhattan [1968]   1980  
Dharamraj Yves Cello Secret    
di Gregorio Andrea Cello Montclaire    
di Gregorio Bernard Viola Montclaire    
di Vacri Giancarlo Viola Venice    
Diaconu Anton Violin II Voces    
Diallo Boubacar Cello This Side Up