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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Diaconu Anton Violin II Voces    
Diallo Boubacar Cello This Side Up    
Dick Marcel Viola Stradivarius [1929 ca.]    
Dick Marcel Viola Kolisch b. 1898 1924 1927 d. 1991
Dickenson James Violin II Degas   2000 2007  
Dickenson James Violin I Villiers   2011  
Dickermann Marat Violin I Dickermann    
Dickermann Marat Violin I Hába (1984)    
Dieffenbach Keats Violin I/II Tetras    
Diener Matthias Cello Minguet   1988  
Dierck Gregor Violin II Sonar    
Dieudegard ext Julien Violin I Béla    
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DiEugenio Nicholas Violin I iO   2006 2007  
Dill G. Violin II Capelle    
Dill Kerstin Violin I Signum   1994 2016  
Dillner Clemens Cello Ulbrich    
Dillon Francesco Cello Prometeo    
Dimitriades Peter Violin II Classic    
Dimitrov D
Nanko D
Violin II Dimov   1978? 1994?  
Dimov D
Dimo D
Violin I Dimov b. 1938 1956