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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Deanović Beth Viola [Unnamed] (HCDC)    
Dearnley Caroline Cello Juno    
Dearnley Caroline Cello [Unnamed] (SDDD)    
Dechert Karl Cello Bruinier b. 1906  
Decleire Guy Viola Brussels    
Decoin Julien Cello Leonis    
Decoin Julien Cello Voce   2005  
Dedreuil Luc Cello Béla    
Degen Johannes Cello Amati [1981]    
Dehning Martin Violin I Nomos    
Dejean Jacques Violin I Lespine b. 1919 d. 2013
Dekan Anna Viola Adamas b. 1983 2003  
Dékány Béla Violin I Dékány b. 1928 1968  
Del Mar Escarabajal Maria Violin I [Unnamed] (DKVW)    
Delgrange Félix Cello [Unnamed] (AMJD)    
Delgrange Félix Cello [Unnamed] (MSSD)    
DeLuca Kay Viola Lexington    
deMaine Robert Cello Ehnes   2010  
Dembeck John Viola Parlow b. 1914 1941 1945 d. 1993
Dembow Brian Viola New York [19uu]