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Performing groups

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Name Reference in name Residence Began Ended  
Kreiner H

Edward Kreiner, founding violist

USA 1934
1938 M T R

Robert Krettly, founding 1st violinist

France 19uu
19uu M R R
Kreutzer H  
Great Britain  
  M R R
Kreuzberg A

A district in Berlin, presumably

Germany (Federal Republic) 1970?
  M R R
  M T R
Kroger U

The novella Tonio Kröger, by Thomas Mann

Denmark 1999
  M R

William Kroll (1901–80), founding 1st violinist

USA 1944
1969 M R R
Kronos U H

A respelling of Χρόνος (Khrónos), a Greek word for time; also a Greek god

USA 1973
  M T R R
Czechoslovakia 1972
  M R
Kuss U

Jana Kuss, founding 1st violinist ?

Germany 1991
  M R R
Kyndel H

Otto Kyndel (1904–83), founding 1st violinist

Sweden 1941
1969 M T R R
La meije

The mountain la Meije in southeastern France

  M R
La Scala

Organization of origin

Italy 1953
  M R
Lafayette U H

Lafayette Towers and Lafayette Avenue in Detroit MI, USA

USA 1985
Canada 1991
2023 M T R R

Nicolas Lambinon, founding 1st violinist ?

    M R

Recording studio in London, England

England 196u?
  M R
USA 1985
USA 1985
2019 M R R
LaSalle H

A street in New York City

USA 1946
1988 M T R R
Latinoamericano U A
Latin American

Region of origin; principles/mandate

México 1981
  M T R R
Latvian Philharmonic H

Organization of origin

  M R