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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Maetzl Klaus Violin II Alban Berg b. 1941 1970 1978 d. 2016
Pichler Günter Violin I Alban Berg b. 1940 1970 2008  
Schulz Gerhard Violin II Alban Berg b. 1951 1978 2008  
Baron Gregory Cello Alberni   1961  
Best Roger Viola Alberni b. 1936 1977 ca. d. 2013
Davis Howard Violin II Alberni b. 1940 1961? 1968 d. 2008
Davis Howard Violin I Alberni b. 1940 1968 2005 d. 2008
Evans Berian Viola Alberni    
Leishman Karin Violin I Alberni   2005  
Pople Peter Violin II Alberni   2013  
Simons ext Dennis Violin I Alberni   1961 1968  
Additional references

Communication from Dennis Simons, 2013-12-04

Smith David Cello Alberni    
Souter Matthew Viola Alberni    
White John Viola Alberni b. 1938 1961 1968 ca. d. 2013
Andriani Laura Violin I Alcan   2003  
Beauchemin Luc Viola Alcan   1994  
Bertrand François Viola Alcan    
Camus Nathalie Violin II Alcan   1989  
Ellis David Cello Alcan   1989  
Larson Stephen Viola Alcan