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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Buckley Deidre Viola Ad hoc    
Fellenbaum James Cello Ad hoc    
Vanderwerf Paul Violin I Ad hoc    
Azoitei Remus Violin I Ad libitum   2017  
Berescu Adrian Violin I Ad libitum b. 1969 1988 2011 d. 2011
Bişoc Bogdan Viola Ad libitum    
Mereuţă Şerban Violin II Ad libitum    
Papa Filip Cello Ad libitum    
Tomescu Alexandru Violin I Ad libitum   2011 2017  
Dekan Anna Viola Adamas b. 1983 2003  
Gisler Jakob Cello Adamas   2007  
Herret Roland Violin II Adamas b. 1983 2013  
Schwarzl Claudia Violin I Adamas b. 1985 2003  
Cooper Robert Violin I Adelaide    
Ezergailis Arturs Cello Adelaide    
Munro Jean Viola Adelaide    
Pascoe Mary Violin II Adelaide    
Anderson James Cello Adrian Symphony    
Quint Sherry Violin II Adrian Symphony    
Schreiber Susan Viola Adrian Symphony