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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Lecarme Alexandre Cello Alianza   2009 2011  
Sung Ah-young Viola Alianza   2004 2008  
Krasil'nikov D
V. D
Viola All-Union Radio    
Leyvand Emil' Violin I All-Union Radio    
Obeshchenko D
Ruslan D
Violin II All-Union Radio    
Tsarëv D
Yu. D
Cello All-Union Radio    
Banda Pál Cello Allegri   1998 2009  
Barritt Jonathan Viola Allegri   1995 2001  
Barton James Violin II Allegri   1953 1963  
Carter Peter Violin I Allegri   1976 2005  
Falk Ofer Violin I Allegri   2006 2016  
Goren D
Eli Violin I Allegri b. 1923 1953 1968 d. 2000
Ireland Patrick Viola Allegri   1953 1977  
Jackson Martyn Violin I Allegri   2016  
Jenkinson Katherine Cello Allegri b. 1980 2009 2011  
Lovell Keith Viola Allegri   1981 1988  
Lucas-Smith Vanessa Cello Allegri   2011  
Maguire Hugh Violin I Allegri b. 1927 1968 1976 d. 2013
McNaught Fiona Violin II Allegri   2000 2002  
Pacey Prunella Viola Allegri   1977 1981