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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Larsen Jørgen Violin II Carl Nielsen b. 1926  
Larsen Mogens Holm Violin II Scandinavian b. 1932  
Larsen Mogens Holm Violin II Koppel b. 1932 1959  
Larson Stephen Viola Alcan    
Larsson Magnus Cello [Unnamed] (GBML)    
Lasalle-Leduc Annette Violin II Montréal [1934]   1934 1940  
Lasserre Claudine Cello Margand    
Latchem Malcolm Violin II Dartington   1969? 1980  
Latham Mark Violin II Atlantic [1987]   1987  
Latour Guillaume Violin II Diotima   2012  
Laufer Wolfgang Cello Fine Arts b. 1946 1979 2011 d. 2011
Lauga Norbert Violin I Chardon    
Lauri David Cello Euler    
Laurs Jānis Cello Australian   1985 1996  
Lavers Marjorie Violin II Zorian    
Lavidis Paris Violin I This Side Up b. 2001  
Lavine Karl Cello Kepler   2002  
Law Kenneth Cello Maia    
Law Wendy Cello Amaryllis [1991]   1991  
Lawrence Linda Viola Vieuxtemps