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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Chilingirian Levon Violin I Chilingirian b. 1948 1971  
Chin Eric Violin I/II Telegraph    
Ching ext Daniel Violin I Miró   1995  

Daniel Ching and Sandy Yamamoto occasionally switched parts.

Chisholm Sally Viola Thouvenel    
Chisholm Sally Viola Pro Arte   1991  
Chitty Laurissa Violin II Saint John   2014 ca.  
Chiu Tom Violin I Flux   1996  
Chizalet Émile Cello Carembat    
Chizhik D
Anna D
Violin I Nevskiy    
Chizhik D
Anna D
Violin II Nevskiy    
Cho Yuri Violin II Afiara   2006 2013  
Choi En Sik Viola Amernet    
Choi ext EnSik Viola Borromeo   1989 1994  
Additional references

Agassiz Festival [2013-01-28]

Choi Estelle Cello Calidore    
Choi Jacqueline Cello Euclid   2016  
Choi Jennifer Violin I Crowley    
Choi Jennifer Violin II Secret    
Choi Jennifer Violin II Miró   1995 1996  
Choi Jennifer Violin I/II Ethel   2011 2012  
Chong Daniel Violin I Parker   2002