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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Elbæk Peder Violin I Carl Nielsen b. 1933 1963  
Eldred Ginni Violin II Mid-America    
Eleftherakis Eleftherios Viola Summer Session b. 1920 1950  
Elias Gerard Violin II [Unnamed] (SEMM)    
Ellinger Matthias Violin II Verdi [1985]    
Elliott Alwyn Violin I Austral    
Elliott Christian Cello Lloyd Carr-Harris    
Elliott-Goldschmid Ann Violin I Lafayette   1985  
Ellis David Cello Alcan   1989  
Ellis Gregory Violin I Vanbrugh   1985  
Ellisor ext Conni Violin I Colorado   1978 1978  
Additional references

Communication from Conni Ellisor, 2012-12-07 et seq., and Rachel Evans, 2013-03-05

Elmaloglou Gregory Cello Austral    
Elmsly Anthony Cello Schola musica    
Elowitch Jennifer Violin II Wellesley Composers Conference    
Emelianoff André Cello Columbia    
Ender Jörn-Uwe Viola Leonardo    
Enderle Matthias Violin I Carmina   1984  
Enders Isang Cello Sächsische Staatskapelle Dresden    
Endres Heinz Violin I Endres    
Engbom Percy Viola Arco