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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Coxon Edmund Violin II Lyric    
Crafoord Gert Violin II Kyndel b. 1929 1957 1967  
Crafoord Gert Violin I Crafoord b. 1929 1969  
Crafoord Henrik Viola Bern b. 1941  
Crafoord Henrik Viola Crafoord b. 1941 1969  
Cragg Ronald Viola Austral    
Cramm Siglind Violin II [Unnamed] (CCFC)    
Craven Glenda Violin II Amabile    
Craven Glenda Violin I Schola musica    
Creitz Lowell Cello Pro Arte   1955 1976  
Crellin Keith Viola Australian   1985 2000  
Cresswell Stephen Violin II Alder    
Crickboom Mathieu Violin II Ysaÿe [1886]   1886?  
Cronin Jacqui Viola Sydney Omega Ensemble    
Cropper Peter Violin I Lindsay b. 1945 1966 2005 d. 2015
Crothers Nina Violin I Music at the Crossroads    
Crouse Wayne Viola Shepherd b. 1924 1975 1982? d. 2000
Crow Jonathan Violin I [Unnamed] (CPTM)    
Crow Jonathan Violin II [Unnamed] (WCMM)    
Crow Jonathan Violin I/II New Orford b. 1977 2009