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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Yawney Yuel Violin II Borealis   2000  
Yeadon Daniel Cello Fitzwilliam   1995 2000  
Yeager Bonnie Viola Dakota    
Yee Andrew Cello Attacca    
Yenney Heidi Violin II New England    
Yenney Heidi Violin II Shelburne    
Yenney Kris Cello New England    
Yeritsyan D
Syuzi D
Violin II Komitas   2008  
Yewe Dyer John Viola Menges    
Ying D
David D
Cello Ying   1988  
Ying D
Janet D
Violin II Ying   1988  
Ying D
Phillip D
Viola Ying   1988  
Ying D
Timothy Violin I Ying   1988 2009  
Ylönen Marko Cello New Helsinki    
Ylönen Marko Cello [Unnamed] (OFGY)    
Yogasundram Nina Cello Elysian    
Yoon Julie Hye-Yung Violin II Chiara   2018  
Yoshimoto Natsuko Violin I Australian   2002 2006  
Yoshimoto Natsuko Violin I Grainger [2006]   2006 2009  
Yosioka Airi Violin I/II Son Sonora