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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Šenderovas Michailas Cello Lithuanian State Philharmonic   1952 1961  
Senderovitz Charles Violin II Leo Hansen b. 1916 d. 1996
Senescu Bernard D
Violin II Fine Arts b. 1904 1939 194u d. 1968
Senter John Cello Arditti   1974 1976  
Seow Yit Kin Viola [Unnamed] (PKSC) b. 1955  
Sepanji Bijan Violin I [Unnamed] (SGBM)    
Sepanji ext Bijan Violin II Ton Beau   2014 2015  

Occasionally played Violin I.

Sepanji Bijan Violin I Ton Beau   2015 2017  
Sepanji Bijan Violin I/II Ton Beau   2017  
Sepec Daniel Violin II Arcanto   2002  
Serafin Witold Viola Silesian   1978 1985  
Seredyns'kyj D
Oleg D
Violin II Lysenko    
Sergeant Emmet Cello [Unnamed] (WSFS)    
Serret ext Véronique Violin I The NOISE    
Problems, questions

Position to be confirmed

Šestak Tomislav Violin II Zagreb b. 1931 1954  
Setzer Elmer Violin II Symphonia b. 1920 1953 d. 2007
Setzer Philip Violin I/II Emerson   1976  
Sewart Charles Violin II Mistry    
Sewart Charles Violin II Chilingirian   1992  
Sewell Laura Cello LARK   1985 1989