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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Steinbauer Edith Violin I Steinbauer    
Steinberg Mark Violin I Brentano    
Steinbock Evalyn Cello Vieuxtemps b. 1932 d. 2018
Steiner Adolf Cello Havemann    
Steiner D. Violin I [Unnamed] (SHCE)    
Steiner Fritz Viola Bastiaan    
Steiner George Violin I American University    
Steiner Peter Cello Bastiaan    
Steiner Richard Viola Gewandhaus b. 1897 1948 1949 d. 1982
Steinhardt Arnold Violin I Guarneri b. 1937 1964 2009  
Stenberg Kate Violin I Del Sol    
Stepansky Joseph Violin II Westwood    
Stepansky Joseph Violin II Fine Arts b. 1916 1946 1954 d. 1984
Stepansky Joseph Violin II Hollywood b. 1916 1958? 1961 d. 1984
Stepiņa D
Agne Cello Latvian Philharmonic b. 1955  
Stepiņa Agne Cello [Unnamed] (GRKS)    
Stepiņa D
Agne Cello Rīga b. 1955 1993  
Stepner Daniel Violin I Lydian   1987 2016  
Stern Holly Violin II Esterházy    
Stern Kay Violin I LARK   1985 1988