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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Sewell Laura Cello LARK   1985 1989  
Sexton Sarah Violin I Callino   1999  
Shaier Julius Viola Róth b. 1910? d. 2000?
Shapinski Aaron Cello Kohon    
Shapira Ittai Violin I [Unnamed] (SGBC)    
Shapiro Eudice Violin I American Art b. 1914? d. 2007
Shapiro Eudice Violin I [Unnamed] (SRSR) b. 1914? d. 2007
Shapiro ext Laurence Violin II Fine Arts b. 1942 1979 1983  
Additional references

Fine Arts Quartet Records, 1910–1989 [2011-05-16]

Shapiro Laurence Violin I Audubon b. 1942 1983 1984  
Shapiro Rachel Violin II Aeolus    
Sharlip Benjamin Violin II Curtis b. 1909 d. 1988
Sharon Gil Viola Fine Arts   2018  
Sharp Robin Violin I Ives   2001  
Sharp Wendy Violin I Franciscan    
Shatzkin Merton Violin I Mid-America    
Shave Jacqueline Violin I Brindisi    
Shave Jacqueline Violin I Juno    
Shave Jacqueline Violin I [Unnamed] (SDDD)    
Shaw Camden Cello Dover    
Shaw Caroline Violin II [Unnamed] (TSCR)