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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Shaw Camden Cello Dover    
Shaw Caroline Violin II [Unnamed] (TSCR)    
Shaw Clyde Cello [Unnamed] (PFLS) b. 1948  
Shaw Clyde D
Cello Audubon b. 1948 1974 2011  
Shaw Jeremiah Cello Telegraph    
Shea Brendan Violin II Euclid   2016  
Shea D’Arcy Violin II McGill   1949  
Shebalin D
Dmitriy D
Viola Borodin b. 1930 1953 1996 d. 2013
Shelepov D
Anton D
Violin I Krasnïy b. 1977  
Shelepov Anton Violin II Montclaire    
Shelley Lydia Cello Voce   2013  
Shenton James Violin II Bălănescu    
Sher Richard Cello Vermeer   1969  
Sher D
Veniamin D
Violin I Auer [1929] b. 1900 d. 1962
Sherba Charles Violin I Charleston    
Sherba Consuelo Viola Charleston    
Sherba John Violin II Kronos b. 1954 1978  
Sherbakov Alla Violin II Long Island    
Sherling Irina Violin II Braude    
Sherman Louis Violin II Modern Art (Canada)