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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Robinson Christian Violin I Silver Birch   2004  
Robinson John Violin II Hambourg   1907  
Robinson Keith Cello Miami   1988  
Robson Alex Violin II Engegård   2012  
Robyn Paul Viola Hollywood b. 1908 1939 1955? d. 1970
Roche Roger Viola Loewenguth b. 1914?  
Rodríguez Karlos Cello Catalyst   2010  
Röntgen Engelbert Violin II Gewandhaus b. 1829 1850 1873 d. 1897
Röntgen Engelbert Violin I Gewandhaus b. 1829 1873 1874 d. 1897
Röntgen ext Engelbert Violin I Gewandhaus b. 1829 1874 1882 d. 1897

Alternated with Henry Schradieck, 1874–82

Rogers Alvin Violin II Kohon    
Rogers Bruce Cello Beaux Arts   19uu  
Rogers Kevin Violin I/II Friction    
Rogister Jean Viola Liège   1924  
Rogister-Schor Lydia Cello Liège   1924  
Rogulski Lucian Violin I Cantabile    
Roisman D
Joseph D
Violin II Budapest b. 1900 1927 1932 d. 1974
Roisman D
Joseph D
Violin I Budapest b. 1900 1932 1967 d. 1974
Rojas Elena Viola DaVinci    
Rojas Miguel Cello Dalí   2006 2008