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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Lin Pei-Ling Viola Friction    
Lin Pei-Ling Viola New Fromm Players    
Lin Pei-Ling Viola Telegraph    
Lin Wei-Yang Andy Viola Amphion    
Linale Charles-André Violin I Orpheus   1987 2003 d. 2003
Linares Adriana Viola Dalí   2004  
Lindelöf Carl Viola [Unnamed] (NHLP)    
Lindenbaum Andreas Cello Klangforum Wien b. 1963  
Lindhe Carl Cello Kjellström    
Lindhe ext Carl Cello Aulin   1900 1903?  

Alternated with Nils Zedeler

Lindsay Alex Violin I Alex Lindsay b. 1919 19uu d. 1974
Lingenfelder Matthias Violin I Auryn b. 1959 1981  
Link Joel Violin I Dover    
Lipka Alfred Viola German State Opera (Berlin)    
Lippus Endel Violin II Estonian State Philharmonic    
Lippus Endel Violin II [Unnamed] (ALLK)    
Lippus Endel Violin I [Unnamed] (LALT)    
Lippus Endel Violin I [Unnamed] (LKPT)    
Lisko Andy Violin II [Unnamed] (OLTL)    
Lister Warwick Violin II Lenox [1957]