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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Kocharyan D
Suren D
Viola Lysenko b. 1920 1951 d. 2010
Koeckert Rudolf Violin I Koeckert b. 1913 1939 1982 d. 2005
Koeckert Rudolf-Joachim Violin II Koeckert b. 1941 1965 1982  
Koeckert Rudolf-Joachim Violin I Joachim Koeckert   1982  
Koeckert Rudolf-Joachim Violin I Koeckert b. 1941 1982 1992  
Koenig Zachary Cello Degas   1999  
Koerner [Unknown] Viola Indig    
Koessel Wolfram Cello American    
Koessel Wolfram Cello Meridian    
Koff Robert Violin I [Unnamed] (KLRG) b. 1919 d. 2005
Koff Robert Violin II Juilliard b. 1919 1946 1958 d. 2005
Koh D
Min-Jeong D
Violin I/II Cecilia   2007 2009  
Koh D
Min-Jeong D
Violin I Cecilia   2009 2017  
Koh Min-Jeong Violin I Cecilia   2017 2018  
Köhler Jan Viola Jan Becher    
Kohon Harold Violin I Kohon b. 1917 ca. d. 2011
Kohon Isadora Violin II Kohon    
Kohout Antonín Cello Smetana b. 1919 1941 1989 d. 2013
Kohout Pravoslav Violin I Kocian   1972 1975  
Koiso-Kanttila Camilla Viola Zagros Ensemble