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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Bryant Claire Cello Tetras    
Bryant Claire Cello Cecilia   2017 2018  
Bryant Stephen Violin I St. Helens    
Buchberger Herbert Violin I Buchberger   1974  
Buchbinder Bernhard Viola [Unnamed] (BHBH)    
Buchholz Matthias Viola Heine    
Buchner Willi Violin II Koeckert b. 1910 1939 1965  
Buck Deborah Violin I LARK b. 1971  
Buck Deborah Violin II LARK b. 1971 2003  
Buck Nancy Viola Bowling Green    
Buck Peter Cello Melos (Stuttgart) b. 1937 1965 2005  
Buckland Reisner Krista Violin I QX   2005  
Buckley Christopher Viola Saint John    
Buckley Deidre Viola Ad hoc    
Bucknell Peter Viola Danel b. 1967  
Buczek Piotr Violin I Penderecki b. 1962 1986 1987  
Buczek Piotr Violin I/II Penderecki b. 1962 1987 1999  
Budezizewsky Bogdan Violin II Carlos Chávez    
Büchler Willy Violin I Eos (Vienna)    
Bülow Wolfgang Violin II Ulbrich