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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Ysaÿe Eugène Violin I Ysaÿe [1886] b. 1858 1886 d. 1931
Ysselstyn Cornelius Cello Parlow   1948 1958?  
Yu Joanne Cello Enterprise    
Yu D

Shi-Yu D
Cello Jade [2001]    
Yu Soo-Jung Violin I [Unnamed] (YNBC)    
Yun Susan Cello Florida    
Zabavnikov D
Nikolay D
Violin II Beethoven [1923] b. 1937 1964? d. 2001
Zacharias ext Cristina Violin II Windermere    
Additional references

Communication from the Quartet, 2016-12-22

Zachłod Bartosz Violin II Apollon Musagète    
Zagorulko Aleksander Violin II [Unnamed] (KZPT)    
Zagst D
Joanne D
Joanne Zagst
Violin I Alard    
Zając Agata Cello Amar Corde    
Zalejski Paweł Violin I Apollon Musagète    
Zalkind Matthew Cello Harlem   201u  
Zamastil Wolfgang Cello Asasello   2009 2014  
Zanlonghi Gilbert Cello Royal Theatre of the Mint    
Zapf Susanne Violin I Sonar    
Zapf Susanne Violin II Sonar    
Zapf Susanne Violin I/II Kairos   2007 2008  
Zaslav ext Bernard Viola Kohon b. 1926 1959 1964 d. 2016
Additional references

Fine Arts Quartet Records, 1910–1989 (Archives Department, University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee)